Game Day Style

As a born and bred New Yorker, sports have always been a big deal. I can remember one of the biggest games in elementary school involving saying Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets whilst pointing your thumbs up or down for which team you liked. My little thumbs were always up for the Yankees and Giants. At the time those teams were my favorite because they were my Dad’s favorite (always a Daddy’s girl right hur) and now I’ve grown my own attachment to these teams (and the food and drinks that usually accompany the games). Now is the G-Men’s time to shine, so I’ve created the perfect game day outfit with a little help from Fanatics and their NFL Jerseys. GAME DAY

Fanatics New York Giants Jersey: Obviously you’ve gotta start your game day outfit with your favorite team/player’s jersey. I’ve already told you that I’ve been a Giants fan since I was a little girl, but I’ve also been a huge fan of the Manning brothers for quite some time. I always thought the idea of two brothers managing to make it big in one of the most competitive fields in the country was so inspirational. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Eli plays for the Giants and has an arm that can throw for dayzzz. Fanatics has one of the best selections of NFL Jerseys around so you’ll be able to find your favorite player’s jersey easy peasy right here.

Red Sweater: Football season in NYC is quite chilly so layering is key. I like to layer a sweater with one of my teams colors underneath my jersey to really show off my team spirit and to keep my arms from freezing off my body at the tailgate. Fashionable and functional. Can I get a hell yeah! No? Too much? Okay…..

Boyfriend Jeans: I’ve been living in my boyfriend jeans lately and they are perfect for a relaxing day watching your team kick butt. I like mine with rips in the knees for a little extra flare!

Beanie: Remember that NY cold I was telling you about? Well a beanie is a great option to help you keep warm, not to mention look pretty darn cute. Oh and hypothetically if you hadn’t washed your hair in a few days a beanie will totally cover that right up. Just saying…..

Booties: Booties are my latest obsession. They’re cute, fashionable, and comfortable. Done, done and done. They’ll help give the outfit a little more of a girly twist!

You guys know I’ll be rooting for my Giants this football season (fashionably of course). Who is your favorite team? What’s your game day style? Let me know! Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @loansandlouboutins to get a daily dose of fashion and craziness.


5 Pieces, 4 Outfits, 1 Happy Fashionista

Okay, I have to admit: I’m addicted to Pinterest. I love going through the fashion sections and pinning my dream wardrobe (who needs to do homework when you can create visuals of your dream life ammmiright?!). The only problem is, there is no chance in hell of me being able to afford said mentioned wardrobe. This season I decided to revamp my wardrobe with just a few key pieces to recreate some of my most envied Pinterest looks. Below you’ll see some of my favorite fall pieces, and how you can create 4 amazing looks with only 5 pieces. So put down the credit card, close that tab on Urban with $300 worth of merchandise in your checkout cart, and check out how to update your wardrobe without also updating your financial status to ‘broke betch’. 5 Pieces, 4 Outfits
Do you have any fall pieces that you love to work into multiple outfits? Where’s you’re favorite place for fall shopping. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instragram @loansandlouboutins!

Let’s Go To the Beach Each, Let’s Go Get Away

Well folks it’s officially summer and that only means one thing for me: Spending hours in traffic on the Garden State Parkway, heading to LBI, Seaside, Point Pleasant, or whatever weekend adventure I’m off to. Since I spent most of my childhood summers at the Jersey Shore (long before Snooki and Pauly D came on the scene), the beach has always been a peaceful escape for me. Most of my beach time involves being perched on the beach with the largest umbrella I can carry, reading a good book, with a cold drink in my hand. It’s like turning the lyrics of a Zac Brown Band song into fruition. There’s few things better in life than sitting on the beach for a lazy afternoon with friends. Below I’ve compiled my beach essentials in the hopes that you’ll find yourself “knee deep in the water somewhere.” That Zac Brown must have on heck of a life…

Beach Bag

A good beach bag should be three things: durable, functional, and of course, fashionable. In other words, anything white, flimsy, tiny, bedazzled, sequined, or expensive, has no place sitting in the sand for hours on end. Personally, I like a tote bag with long strap that can be slung over my shoulder and can comfortably hold whatever I need for the day. Also, beach bags will see their share of wet bathing suits, leaked sunscreen, and popsicle stains, so it’s probably for the best not to spend a fortune on one. Here are a few of my favorite options:

hm bag forever21 bagae backpack


Okay, so I’m not gonna give you a lecture on the importance of sunscreen and all that jazz. I’ll just leave it at this: Wear sunscreen for God’s sake. Also, just to be clear, that SPF 2 tanning oil you put on does NOT count. I’m not saying don’t give yourself a little color. By all means put on some self tanner; just avoid frying your skin in the sun or a tanning bed. Most dermatologists seem to agree that you should wear SPF 15 or higher, but once you get to SPF 50, it only slightly increases your protection. The bottom line seems to be that somewhere between SPF 15-30 is best! Nobody wants to look like a lobster or a leather bag, and certainly nobody wants to get skin cancer. So lather on the sunscreen and the self tanner my friends! That concludes my PSA for the month.

neutrogena sunscreen clinique sunscreen true blue

A Good Book

For me, a good book is absolutely essential for a beach trip. Now, everyone has their own preferences in books so I’ll just recommend a few of my favorites that I’ve read in the past couple of months. My interests are completely all over the place ranging from post-apocalyptic, to fashion, to mystery, so I hope I can give you a good variety in my suggestions. My first recommendation, and quite honestly the best series I’ve read in months, is ‘The Testing Trilogy” by Joelle Charbonneau. I’ll let you read the synopsis for yourself, but I predict this series will be the next “Hunger Games” or “Divergent” movie franchise. I highly, highly recommend this for anyone who loves a good post-apocalyptic book or just a good book in general. My next recommendation is “Confessions of a Murder Suspect” by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. I mean, really, does anything by James Patterson need an explanation? Basically this is a gripping mystery series that has all the markings of a thrilling James Patterson novel. My final recommendation is “Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns” by Lauren Weisberger. This book is definitely for my fashionistas who couldn’t get enough of Miranda Priestly and Andy in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. A great, fun read that will keep you laughing/cringing till the bitter end. In the words of Miranda Priestly “That’s all.”

the testing james patterson revenge wears prada


The beach is obviously not the place to show off that gorgeous new statement necklace or your designer shoes, but there are other fun ways to accessorize and show off your personality. Spice things up with a patterned beach towel, funky sunglasses, and a boho fedora. Below are a few of my favorite beach accessory finds that will make your trip all the more fun, and fashionable.

towelae sunglassesforever 21 fedora


That’s about it folks! What are your beach essentials? Any good books you’ve ready lately? What’s your favorite beach? Let me know in the comments! P.S. If you want to hear more of my book suggestions just let me know, and I’ll give you a list!