Recreate Jessica Alba’s Casual Ensemble

As you guys will soon learn, Jessica Alba is my style spirit animal. She consistently looks flawless from head-to-toe without looking overly done. This girl knows how to rock a pair of jeans and look just as good, if not better, than the girl in the dress next to her. Below I’ll show you one of my favorite casual “Jessica Jean” outfits and how to recreate it for yourself without maxing out your credit card.


jessica polka dot sweater

Here Jessica is wearing an adorable polka-dot sweater with a pair of boyfriend jeans, flats, and an infinity scarf. I was able to find a similar sweater from Forever21 for only $13.99! As for the jeans American Eagle Outfitters currently has an adorable pair for only $34.99 (Bonus: buy any jean right now and get 25% off a belt purchase). I also found a great infinity scarf from Old Navy for $12.24 and a pair of black ballet flats from Charlotte Russe for only $19.50! P.S: buy one pair of shoes right now and get another for only $10. Score! So overall this outfit would cost you $80.72, but is filled with tons of items that can be worn to create a multitude of outfits.

Basically Jessica Alba has amazing fashion sense and I’m always trying to learn from her outfits. Celebrities in general are great ways to get inspired. Tip: DO NOT look up what brands they are actually wearing because you will most likely never be able to afford these things in your wildest dreams and you will silently sob in your bowl of Ramen about the $5 currently in your bank account. I’ll be sure to post some more of my favorite celebrity fashionistas (probably a few more of Jessica Alba) and show you how to recreate those outfits for less, and hopefully keep your broke girl tears at bay.

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