New Beginnings

Well hello there friends. Long time no see. First, let me apologize for dropping off the grid; it’s been a world-wind 6 months. In that time I’ve graduated college and started working full-time in NYC at a job I LOVE. Unfortunately, there’s been some other stuff pop-up with a loved one that hasn’t been so great; I won’t go into the details but lets just say I don’t think I’ll ever accept bad things happening to amazing people. However, this whole ordeal has been eye-opening. I’ve learned what I really value in life, who my real friends are, and to let go of any negative things or people in my life because aint nobody got time for that. Sometimes it takes something terrible to realize what really matters. Which is why I’m here now my fashionistas. I’ve missed writing and hearing from all your lovely faces. While I may have graduated and moved onto the working world, being thrifty is still a necessity (I recently found myself paying $15 for a sandwhich in the city; it was adequate at best). So here we go! Consider this the official re-launch of Loans and Louboutins. This will be fun…


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