The 4th of July is by far one of my favorite holidays. I love myself a good USA chant combined with burgers, beer, and lots of red, white and blue outfits. Even after a devastating loss at the World Cup (AMAZING game by the US. Tim Howard, you are a soccer God), we are all proud to be an American. It’s great to see everyone showing off their American pride and having fun with their friends and family (Note: If you are not American please do not judge the 4th of July as grown men eating 40 hotdogs in 5 minutes at Coney Island #barf). With the 4th only a few days away I figured I would give you all a little outfit inspiration for the big day. So, grab a cold drink, grill up some food and have a happy, healthy and fashionable 4th of July my friends!

4th of July
What are you guys doing this 4th of July? Any cute outfit ideas? Be sure to follow my Instagram (link on main page) to see what I’m up to and wearing this 4th! Also, the 4th is a great time to remember all the brave men and women who make sacrifices everyday for our freedom. Take a minute to thank a solider, write one a letter, or send a care package. God Bless America!

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