5 Pieces, 4 Outfits, 1 Happy Fashionista

Okay, I have to admit: I’m addicted to Pinterest. I love going through the fashion sections and pinning my dream wardrobe (who needs to do homework when you can create visuals of your dream life ammmiright?!). The only problem is, there is no chance in hell of me being able to afford said mentioned wardrobe. This season I decided to revamp my wardrobe with just a few key pieces to recreate some of my most envied Pinterest looks. Below you’ll see some of my favorite fall pieces, and how you can create 4 amazing looks with only 5 pieces. So put down the credit card, close that tab on Urban with $300 worth of merchandise in your checkout cart, and check out how to update your wardrobe without also updating your financial status to ‘broke betch’. 5 Pieces, 4 Outfits
Do you have any fall pieces that you love to work into multiple outfits? Where’s you’re favorite place for fall shopping. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instragram @loansandlouboutins!

Look for Less: Comic-Con Edition

Jessica Alba always nails it on the fashion-front, and her appearance at the 2014 Comic-Con convention in San Diego was no exception. Alba was at the convention promoting her latest film ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill for’ when she wore this gorgeous high-waisted Zimmermann skirt with shear panelling and this sexy Tanya Taylor crop top. She completed the look with a pair of statement heels, a small french braid, edgy jewelry, and a killer smokey eye. Jessica totally nailed this look and no doubt had a gaggle of drooling teenagers dressed in costume following her around all day. Check out my suggestions below for creating your own wallet-friendly Jessica Alba inspired look. Dare I say it? You’ll be ‘A Dame to Kill for.’

Jessica Alba Comic Con

Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ NYC Fashion

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Taylor Swift. That chick is a class act, with a sense of humor, endless talent and a humbleness that most celebrities could take a note from. Since moving to the Big Apple, Taylor has seriously stepped up her fashion game. I mean, homegirl looks better leaving the gym than I do on my best day. I seriously don’t understand how one human being can be so on point with their fashion day-in and day-out. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out a few of my favorite T-Swizzle looks below and a few ideas on how to recreate the looks. Oh and real quick, Taylor you should know: girl you be killin em,  you be killin em.

  Look #1: Romping Around sev-taylor-swift-street-style-floral-romper-nyc-lgn

Here, Taylor shows off her mile long legs in a floral romper, paired with yellow heels, a neutral tope purse, and her trademark red lip. Let me just clarify something here: this is a picture of Taylor simply leaving her apartment. Now, when I leave my house I’m usually searching frantically through my purse for my keys/cellphone/wallet/whatever it is I’ve misplaced that day, while trying to remember if I turned off the curling iron. Meanwhile, Tay is all like “Oh, hey paparazzi, what’s up?” She probably continued on to save a kitten and find a cure for cancer. To replicate this classy look, try this floral romper from Forever 21. For a little more definition, belt the romper at the waist a-la Taylor. Next, add a fun pop of color with your shoes, like these hot pink suede heels from Steve Madden.

Look #2: Casual Chic

taylor and karlie open back shirt tswift

Taylor chose this fun,casual look for a lunch date at Sarabeth’s with her model BFF Karlie Kloss. Clearly not only does Taylor have good taste friends and restaurants (Sarabeth’s Popeye Eggs and Buttermilk Pancakes are to die for), but she also has great taste in casual chic attire. Now, from the front Taylor appears to be wearing a fairly conservative, white, quarter sleeve shirt, but then she turns around and BAM the shirt exposes the entire lower portion of her back. It’s like the most beautiful mullet of shirts; business in the front, party in the back. She paired the adorable top with cut-offs, nude heels, and a classy black structured bag. This cute little long sleeve crop top with an exposed back from NASTY GAL would be perfect for recreating this look. Pair it with high-waisted jean shorts for the perfect summer-chic ensemble.

Look #3: Sexy in the City 


This might be my favorite Taylor Swift street style look of all time. First, I love the matching crop top and skirt. Plus, the plunging crop top is perfectly balanced out with the knee length skirt, which stays age appropriate with the front slit. The dainty purse and neutral shoes let this adorable polka-dot ensemble speak for itself. I’m personally obsessed the the matching skirt/shirt combination and this look has become a favorite amongst celebrities like Taylor and Ariana Grande. Try the look out for yourself with a fun floral pattern set like this one from Forever 21. Take a note from Taylor and let the look stand out by keeping your accessories neutral and to a minimum.

If we can learn anything from Taylor Swift it’s this: don’t let boys make you cry (but if they do, write a song about it that they’ll have to hear on the radio 24/7), a red lip is always a ‘do’, and class and confidence are the best accessories a girl can have. P.S. Taylor: if you’re looking for some more NYC friends, I’m totes available.

What do you think of Taylor’s NYC style? What’s you favorite look? Let me hear what you think in the comments below!

Let’s Get Physical

Truth be told, once I got to college, working out reached the bottom of my to-do list. After a long day of classes, an internship, and writing papers, getting on the treadmill was literally the last thing I wanted to do. Ultimately, laying in bed with a slice of pizza watching a Sex and the City marathon beat out going to the gym more times than I’d care to admit. I always found the gym boring, but this summer I committed myself to getting back in shape. I realized that while I find walking on the treadmill for an hour a total snoozefest, I absolutely love taking group classes. When I saw that my gym was offering a beginners yoga class I figured I would try it out.  To be honest I went in to that class thinking the whole thing would be “focus on your breathing, namaste” nonsense, but it turned out to be a challenging, yet somehow relaxing workout. Now I’m totally obsessed with yoga and have even gotten into other classes like zumba and spin. The best part about getting back into a fitness routine? Brand new workout clothes! Oh, yeah and you know, being healthy and fit is kinda cool too. When it comes to workout gear there are some things that you should invest in, while others can be found at bargain prices. Below I’ve compiled some save and splurge guidelines for workout gear!


Save: Sports Bras

aerie sports bra  gap high impact sports bra

Now, this might seem like a strange one to suggest saving on but hear me out. According to Women’s Health Magazine, most sports bras loose their supportiveness over time, and should be replaced every 6-12 months. So, while that super awesome sports bra that costs $50 might seem like a great buy at the moment, chances are you’ll have to toss it within the year. Personally I love Aerie’s Fit Racerback Bra for things like yoga and spin class. At $15 you can buy three of these for the price of one at other stores. If you’re participating in more high impact activities, Gap offers a great line of sports bras for just $24.99.


Splurge: Sneakers 

           Nike-Free-TR-4-Womens-Training-Shoe-629496_600_A adidas mint shoes

Lets face it: our feet put up with a lot. We shove them in 6 inch heels, we run to the subway in unsupportive flats, and sometimes we step on that hair clip we forgot to pick up off the floor. Since wearing worn out or unsupportive sneakers can cause injury, let us vow to give our feet a little more love. First, make sure you’re wearing the right shoe for the type of exercise your participating in. Since I’m certainly no doctor (blood = Rachel fainting) , I’ll let this article give you a little more explanation on that front. Don’t be shy to ask a sales assistant at whatever store you’re shopping in for some guidance. They’ll be more than happy to find you the right sneaker for your exercise routine. Nike has an excellent website that will help you narrow down the sneaker you need based on what kind of exercise your doing. Bonus: Nike has a feature that allows you to design your own custom shoe. Hot pink shoes anyone?!

Save: Workout Tops 

                                      forever 21 workout shirttarget yoga top

Since you’re probably going to want to buy quite a few workout tops, I would recommend keeping your eyes peeled for some budget friendly options. You can look just as stylish and comfortable in a $10 shirt as you would in a $50 shirt. This tank from Forever 21 is perfect for whatever you like doing at the gym and comes in adorable mint green and pink. At $12.80 you can get both colors without feeling the least bit guilty. Target also offers a wide variety of stylish workout gear at great prices. This top would be perfect for my weekly yoga class. Namaste y’all.

Splurge: Bottoms 

alala knee tights vs yoga pants

While some of your workout gear may be reserved solely for the gym, those yoga pants are guaranteed to make an appearance when you’re heading to the library or running errands. For that reason I would say go crazy and splurge a little on some cute and durable workout bottoms. I have to say I’m pretty obsessed with these capris from Alala. Not only would they be perfect for my workouts, but I wouldn’t think twice about wearing them outside of the gym. With the cute design and comfortable fit, these will definitely be your new go-to. Obviously we can’t forget our good friend the yoga pant. These yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret are a favorite of mine with the cute patterned fold over top. These pants are perfect to take you from the gym to a casual lunch with the girls.

So get out there and switch up your typical workout routine. You might just find a class or exercise that you never expected you’d love. What are your favorite exercise routines? What do like to wear when you’re working out? Any favorite stores to buy workout gear? Let me know!


The 4th of July is by far one of my favorite holidays. I love myself a good USA chant combined with burgers, beer, and lots of red, white and blue outfits. Even after a devastating loss at the World Cup (AMAZING game by the US. Tim Howard, you are a soccer God), we are all proud to be an American. It’s great to see everyone showing off their American pride and having fun with their friends and family (Note: If you are not American please do not judge the 4th of July as grown men eating 40 hotdogs in 5 minutes at Coney Island #barf). With the 4th only a few days away I figured I would give you all a little outfit inspiration for the big day. So, grab a cold drink, grill up some food and have a happy, healthy and fashionable 4th of July my friends!

4th of July
What are you guys doing this 4th of July? Any cute outfit ideas? Be sure to follow my Instagram (link on main page) to see what I’m up to and wearing this 4th! Also, the 4th is a great time to remember all the brave men and women who make sacrifices everyday for our freedom. Take a minute to thank a solider, write one a letter, or send a care package. God Bless America!

Weekly Inspiration

I have to say, this has been a pretty great week thus far! I’ve thrown away about five garbage bags of junk in my room, I’ve started painting again, I took a yoga class that I absolutely loved (I can’t tell you how sore I am though), oh and one other small little thing: We’ve officially surpassed 1000 views of Loans and Louboutins!!! I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Instead of getting all sappy and telling you all how awesome you are (which you most definitely are!) I’m sharing some things that are inspiring me right now, in the hopes that something will grab your attention and give you an equally awesome week.

Untitled #9
1) Iggy Azaela- I’ve been up all night, tryna get that rich I’ve been work work work work werkin on my shitttttt. If you haven’t gotten on the Iggy Iggs bandwagon yet, it is time. I’ve been listening to her song ‘Work’ on repeat all week and I cannot get enough of it. This chick is fierce as hell and I’m totally obsessed with her right now. Oh and also, this Aussie has one helluva bod. See for yourself in the ‘Work’ music video.
2) Patterned Pants- Okay, I’ve gotta be honest here; when this trend first emerged I was not into it at all. I mean, at 5’3 I’m not exactly looking for a pair of pants that’s gonna make me look as small as Tyrion on Game of Thrones (if you watch GOT just know that I’m still not over what happened last week). Anyway, the trend definitely grew on me (pun intended) and I realized that even at 5’3 I can still rock this look. I have my eyes set on this pair from Forever 21 with the stripe and rose pattern.
3) Kimono- I am allllll about this look right now. If you ask me, the kimono is one of the coolest trends at the moment. I love how its so girly, and airy and looks great on everyone! I particularly love this one from LuLu’s, and I think the kimono would make for an awesome coverup during the summer.
4) Alex and Ani-  Obviously I don’t have to tell you how popular and adorable these bracelets are, but, I recently picked up a few to make my arm candy have a little bit of a summer theme. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I bought the seashell and seahorse bracelets in gold (If you don’t follow me on Instagram there’s a link on the main page *hint hint* *wink wink*). Right now I’m really into mixing my gold and silver bracelets for a fun and unexpected look. All I need now is the starfish bracelet and the mermaid bracelet because what girl doesn’t wanna be a mermaid, ammmi right?
*Note, a portion of the proceeds from the Arms of Strength Charm bangle go towards Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation, a Rhode Island non-profit that works to spread awareness, education, resources, and hope in the fight against breast cancer. Cute bracelet and a great cause? It’s a win, win for everyone. Let’s support all those badass women battling breast cancer! I know I’ll be picking mine up this week.*
             So that’s what’s on my mind this week my friends! What are you obsessed with right now? Any rising music stars you can’t get enough of? Is there a fashion trend that rocks your socks? Let me know!

Make A Statement

There’s no need to tell you that statement jewelry is totally on-trend right now, however, I don’t believe that statement should be “I just spent my food budget for the month on this necklace.” The thing about trends like this is that they come and go quickly, so it’s wise not to invest too much money into the pieces. That doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the look at all though! Below I’ve compiled a few of my favorite statement jewelry pieces in the hopes of keeping you from having to choose between looking fabulous or surviving off Pop-Tarts for the month.

 Frosted Glam Bib Necklace- Forever 21: $11.80 

forever 21 statement necklace

I’m kind of obsessed with this colorful necklace from Forever 21. I feel like it would be physically impossible to be sad when wearing such a bright, happy necklace. I would wear it with a simple with T-Shirt and jeans to let the fun piece take center stage. At only $11.80, this necklace just spiked my happiness meter off the charts.

Arc My Words Green Rhinestone Bracelet- LuLu’s: $11.00

lulu*s bracelet

Please excuse me a moment while I find my wallet to buy this bracelet IMMEDIATELY. The gorgeous combination of blue, green, and gray rhinestones, plus the unique twist of the curved gold band makes this bracelet a must-have in my book. Oh, did I mention that it’s only $11.00. I KNOW RIGHT?! Do you need help picking your jaw up off the floor?

Dripping Chains Earrings- Urban Outfitters: $14.99  

urbanoutfitters earrings

I have to be honest with you guys: I’m not usually an oversized, dangly earrings kind of gal. However, when I saw these earrings from Urban Outfitters I got a serious Coachella, hippy-chic vibe that I’ve been looking to try out. At $14.99, this is the perfect price for me to do a little style experimentation. I will definitely be channeling my inner Vanessa Hudgens when I wear these bad boys.

So what do you guys think? Is statement jewelry fun? gaudy? Is this a trend that your obsessed with right now, or could do without? Let me know! I’d love to hear from all you lovely Fashionistas.