Make A Statement

There’s no need to tell you that statement jewelry is totally on-trend right now, however, I don’t believe that statement should be “I just spent my food budget for the month on this necklace.” The thing about trends like this is that they come and go quickly, so it’s wise not to invest too much money into the pieces. That doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the look at all though! Below I’ve compiled a few of my favorite statement jewelry pieces in the hopes of keeping you from having to choose between looking fabulous or surviving off Pop-Tarts for the month.

 Frosted Glam Bib Necklace- Forever 21: $11.80 

forever 21 statement necklace

I’m kind of obsessed with this colorful necklace from Forever 21. I feel like it would be physically impossible to be sad when wearing such a bright, happy necklace. I would wear it with a simple with T-Shirt and jeans to let the fun piece take center stage. At only $11.80, this necklace just spiked my happiness meter off the charts.

Arc My Words Green Rhinestone Bracelet- LuLu’s: $11.00

lulu*s bracelet

Please excuse me a moment while I find my wallet to buy this bracelet IMMEDIATELY. The gorgeous combination of blue, green, and gray rhinestones, plus the unique twist of the curved gold band makes this bracelet a must-have in my book. Oh, did I mention that it’s only $11.00. I KNOW RIGHT?! Do you need help picking your jaw up off the floor?

Dripping Chains Earrings- Urban Outfitters: $14.99  

urbanoutfitters earrings

I have to be honest with you guys: I’m not usually an oversized, dangly earrings kind of gal. However, when I saw these earrings from Urban Outfitters I got a serious Coachella, hippy-chic vibe that I’ve been looking to try out. At $14.99, this is the perfect price for me to do a little style experimentation. I will definitely be channeling my inner Vanessa Hudgens when I wear these bad boys.

So what do you guys think? Is statement jewelry fun? gaudy? Is this a trend that your obsessed with right now, or could do without? Let me know! I’d love to hear from all you lovely Fashionistas.

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