August Jewelry Haul

Have you ever gone to YouTube looking to watch something specific and then two hours later you realize you’ve been watching rap battles for the last 30 minutes? No? Yeah, I mean, right, me either. I think it’s safe to say that at one point or another most of us have fallen into the black pit that is YouTube, and as of late, I’ve been watching an excessive amount of “Shopping Haul” videos. Now if you’re not familiar with the practice, YouTube creators post vlogs of themselves going through recent purchases, trying them on, reviewing them, and just generally talking about nonsense that I shouldn’t find nearly as entertaining as I do. This new obsessions has inspired me to do a haul of my own! To answer your first question: no this is not a vlog post, BUT I do post some fun videos on my Instagram (shameless plug: Follow me @loansandlouboutins). In typical L&L fashion, this haul will include some awesome pieces at great prices that will spice up your wardrobe for under $100. So without further ado, check out my first haul featuring Francesca’s!



The wrapped necklace on the left is the exact one that I purchased and it’s become an absolute staple in my wardrobe. It’s an easy addition to almost any outfit and I love that the wire wrapping around the stone feels very unique. I wasn’t able to find the other necklace that I bought, but the necklace featured on the right is a close match. The main reason I love this necklace (and the one that I purchased) is the Howlite stone featured; Howlite is a stone of relaxation, which is believed to calm the mind and body. Jewels that look chic and have calming properties? Yes please.



I have to say, of everything in this haul, the earrings that I snatched up are probably my favorites. I’m dying over the blue tassel earrings and although I haven’t worn them yet, I’m picturing them with a plain white tee, ripped jeans and some block heels so that these babies can stand out as the showstoppers they are. Now the hoops in the bottom left are more of an everyday look, and by that I mean I’ve worn them almost every day since I bought them. Hoops are fun and easy and I’ve been loving these gold medium hoops with a high pony, which with last week’s heat wave has been a borderline necessity.

Moving over to the earrings featured on the right, these are not the exact earrings that I bought, but are very similar. The leaf drop earrings on the top right have been a huge hit every time I’ve worn them! I love the leaves are all individually attached to the chain giving them tons of movement, so definitely wear these bad boys in your next boomerang video. Finally, last but not least, are these dainty little teardrop earrings with a fun pop of color. The ones that I bought feature orange and red accents, but I’m loving these ones with pink opal stones. These are great because they can be dressed down for work with jeans and a breezy blouse or dressed up with an off the shoulder top (my personal summer style go-to!).



When it comes to buying bracelets one of the first things I try to figure out is “Can I put this bracelet on by myself or will it be a daily frustration trying to work the clasp with my non-dominant hand?”. Cut to these pretty little bracelets above. The first bracelet on the left is hands down one of my favorite bracelets that I own. I love the layered look with the three strands of beads and that it has a magnetic clasp which makes for an easy on, easy off situation. The bracelet featured on the right is slightly different from the one I have (mine has a thinner, gold band) but has very similar beads as well as the super easy pull tie allowing you to make the bracelet as loose or tight as you like. Now the bracelet that I have more closely resembles this choker, with rose quartz which opens your heart to give and receive love. If you’re sensing a crystal theme here, your spot on (stay tuned for more on that in upcoming posts). Overall, I’ve been loving pairing these two bracelets together for an easy daily look (check out Instagram for a close up!).


One of my favorite things about Francesca’s is that they often have really great BOGO deals. With this haul there was a BOGO 40% off earrings/necklaces and then also a “Get Two for $15” on sale styles. On top of all of that, upon signing up for the Francesca’s Loyalty Program, I received an additional 10% off my entire order. PSA: I’m a big believer in signing up for rewards programs. Why not earn rewards for things that you’re already buying?! See Francesca’s program details HERE. K, PSA over. All in all, once the discounts were applied, I bought two necklaces, four pairs of earrings and two bracelets for $78.00. I must say I’m pretty pleased with this haul, and can’t wait to wear all of these pieces for the remainder of summer and well into fall!

As always, please let me know in the comments what you think of this post! Do you want to see more hauls? Any stores in particular you’d like me to feature? You know I love hearing from you guys!



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