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Hi friends, and happy Sunday Funday! If you read last week’s skincare post (and if you haven’t definitely check it out!) you know that I loved writing it so much, I ended up needing to break it into two posts. That being said, welcome to skincare part two! The first part of this post focused on my daily skincare routine, and this one will focus on some of my favorite weekly/as needed products. Personally, I like to use Sunday’s as a sort of skin-care reset day where I use my favorite masks, scrubs, etc. and just get ready for the week ahead. I hope you find this helpful as you prep for your week ahead! ūüôā



Sephora Collection Face Mask
  Copyright © 2018 Sephora USA, Inc. All rights reserved.

If you haven’t used a face mask before (1) I’m sure happy you came across this post because we need to change that ASAP (2) the sheer amount of options out there can be so overwhelming, you may not know where to start. One of the first face masks I tried was from the Sephora Face Mask Collection, and remains my number one go-to for a quick fix. They have a variety of masks that treat everything from blemishes to dull skin. Personally, I like the Pearl-Perfecting and Brightening Mask. It smells absolutely amazing and leaves my face feeling super hydrated. The best part? These masks are only $6.00 each, plus, if you buy three you get one free! Win, win my friends.


First Aid Beauty- Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask
                Copyright 2000-2018 Ulta Beauty, Inc.

Now, in my last post I talked about my current favorite brand, First Aid Beauty. I have yet to try a single product from them that I didn’t absolutely love and this Instant Oatmeal Mask is no exception. I use this product 2-3 times a week, depending on how dry my skin is. It has such a soothing effect on my skin and after moisturizerizing with the Ultra Repair Cream mentioned in my last post, I wake up with the softest skin I could ever hope for. I love this product (and the brand in general) and if you suffer from dry skin like me, I know you will too.


Mario Badescu Facial Spray
                                 Copyright 2000-2018 Ulta Beauty, Inc.

Between trains, subways, and just generally being in NYC, sometimes my skin just needs a little refresher. That’s when the¬†Mario Badescu Facial Spray comes in handy. This facial spray is refreshing and great for any time my skin is feeling a little dry and in need of some moisture mid-day. I like the 4 oz travel size so that I can throw it in whatever bag I’m using for easy access. P.S. this also doubles as a great make-up setting spray. Nothing like a two-for one special.


                 © 2018 LALICIOUS. All Rights Reserved.

If you pick just one product to try from this post (although I hope you try them all!), you should definitely choose this one. I am absolutely obsessed with this product and have recommended it to pretty much everyone I know. I first tried this LALICIOUS Sugar Kiss product when it came as part of my FabFitFun box. I had never used a scrub before, thinking it would be too harsh for my sensitive skin, but my skin has literally never been softer than after using this product. The coconut oil in the product melts so nicely into skin when used at the end of your shower leaving you with silky smooth skin from head to toe. I’ve also tried the Sugar Lavender version of this and truly cannot tell you which is better because they both smell AMAZING. A definite must have in your routine!



Bite Beauty Agave Sugar Scrub
Copyright © 2018 Sephora USA, Inc. All rights reserved.

On the topic of scrubs, I also use this Agave Sugar Lip Scrub from Bite Beauty. I exfoliate¬†before bed to remove any dry patches and let the oil soak in overnight from maximum hydration. I use this product as needed, but it’s safe enough to incorporate into your everyday routine!


There you go guys! Do you plan on trying any of these products? Are there any products you would like me to try and review in the future? Let me know and be sure to follow me on Instagram @loansandlouboutins for updates and other fun stuff!!




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