Treat Yo Self

Hello beauties and happy Friday! So sorry for the delayed post, things have been crazy, but promise I have some great content coming your way soon so stay tuned 😊 In the meantime, this is a post I’ve been wanting to put on the blog for a while. If you’ve read my posts or follow me on Instagram (IF NOT, Y U NO FOLLOW ALREADY? @loansandlouboutins) you know I love a good deal and ain’t no deal better than FREE. Which brings me to the topic of this post, free store rewards programs! That’s right, there’s no catch with these programs, they are absolutely free to sign up for, no credit cards or strings attached. While each one varies, you can guarantee you’ll get some nice perks in exchange for purchases you were already going to make. Love this ish and I hope you will too.



Madewell’s rewards program is called Madewell Insider and is relatively new on the scene in terms of free programs (i.e doesn’t require a credit card). Rewards on the introductory level include a birthday gift, free leather and denim personalization, free shipping and free hemming on jeans. Now if you’re a shorty like me the free hemming alone is worth the 10 seconds it takes to sign up!

AEOAmerican Eagle’s rewards program is called AEO Connected and members earn points on purchases, so for every 2,500 points earned, a $10 reward is automatically issued. Now I know that sounds like a lot of points, but you receive 10 points for every $1 spent which equates to $250 and I don’t know about you, but over the course of a few months (or let’s be honest one big haul) that isn’t hard to hit! Additionally, you’ll receive 15% off for your birthday. Who doesn’t love birthday presents?

J.CREWLike American Eagle’s program, the J.Crew program rewards members with points on purchases with 1 point accumulated for every dollar spent. Once you earn 200 points you automatically receive a $5 reward, so if J.Crew is a favorite of yours, you definitely need to sign up ASAP. In addition to the discounts, members also receive free standard shipping as well as exclusive access to sales and other offers.


I’m sure my beauty lovers out there are well aware of the Beauty Insider program at Sephora and if you shop at Sephora and haven’t signed up, I highly encourage you grab your keys, drive to your nearest store and sign up right now because you’re missing out on FREE GIFTS. Sephora rewards members with different levels of membership based on the amount spent in a calendar year. Upon sign up, you automatically qualify as a Beauty Insider. Once you spend $250 you become a VIB and once you spend $1,000 you become VIB Rouge. Now each level unlocks its own additional rewards which you can read about via the link above, but at the basic Beauty Insider level you earn points on every purchase which can then be redeemed for exclusive samples/gifts once you reach 100 points.



Now this is one of my favorite rewards in terms of bang for you buck and is slightly different from the Sephora rewards program. With Sephora your points earn you free gifts, experiences etc. but with the Ulta Rewards program you earn points for every dollar spent (including beauty services) and you’ll receive coupons that can be applied directly to your purchase. In terms of points to rewards ratio, 100 points gets you $3.00 off and 250 points gets you $8.00 off. Additionally, you’ll receive a free birthday gift and 2x points when you shop during your birthday month.


So what do you guys think? Will you be signing up for any of these programs? Are there any stores that you love that have rewards programs you want me to write about? Let me knowwww in the comments 🙂

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