Friday Finds

Happy Friday my loves! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week filled with lots of holiday cheer and online shopping 🙂 It seems like Black Friday and Cyber Monday have turned into full on week-long promotions (I’ve been posting them as I find them on my Instagram @loansandlouboutins), so there are still a ton of great deals going on right now. That being said, check out the below for this week’s Friday Finds!


Extra 20% off already Discounted Bundles

Copyright © 2018. Drybar, LLC. All rights reserved.

Alright so this is definitely one of the priciest finds that I’ve highlighted thus far but guys TRUSTTT, this is so worth the money. I’m absolutely obsessed with Drybar and own all of the products featured in this Blowout Essentials Bundle which usually retails for $375, but is currently selling for $239. I have a lot of hair, and this blow dryer does wonders and I’m not kidding, the products smell so dang amazing plus a little goes a long with these. I highly recommend making the investment with this kit, especially at this price point. If you’ve never used Drybar products before and want to test them out without breaking the bank, this Drybar Favorites Kit has your name on it. Your hair will thank you!


Women’s Leopard Print Pullover Sweater – A New Day™ Camel

™ & © 2018 Target Brands, Inc.

Based on my Instagram feed, I think it’s safe to say that animal print sweaters are very much back in style this season. Personally, I don’t love spending a ton on items that are trendy, since they might not be in style the next season. That’s when our good friend Target comes to the rescue with their affordable and adorable selections. This Leopard Print Pullover Sweater is SO DARN CUTE and currently only $13.99. For less than $15.00, this is the perfect addition to you winter wardrobe and if it’s still in style next winter- great, if not- you won’t feel guilty for not wearing it again.


Chenille Sweater

Chennile Sweater
©2018 Ann Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I’m not sure if I’m alone on this, but I personally had never owned anything made out of the fabric “chenille” before and oh boy was I missing out. This Chenille Sweater is literally the definition of comfy cozy and in these fun bright colors, it will be sure to cheer up the gloomiest of winter days. Another thing that will cheer you up? With code FLASH this sweater is currently only $22.00. RUN, DON’T WALK TO THIS SALE.



Ondder Velvet Scrunchies

© 1996-2018,, Inc. or its affiliates

I’m just gonna go ahead here and declare myself the self-proclaimed queen of hair accessories. I think it stems from my mom putting headbands and bows on my head as a baby before I even had hair (hi mom!). You can ask my friends too, there is no headband, hair tie, hair scarf etc. that I do not love. It’s an obsession, and the latest offshoot of said obsession is scrunchies. I know this will likely be a highly debated topic, but scrunchies are back y’all and I couldn’t be more excited. I actually ordered this Ondder Velvet Scrunchies set this week and can’t wait to rock a half up/half down with one of these velvet scrunchies. I love the velvet detail as well as the colors this pack features; so festive for the holidays!!

I’ll be sure to peep you guys these scrunchies on my Insta Stories when they arrive!



All Undies 10 for $35

ISKRA undieguide_boybriefs
© 2018 AEO Management Co. All Rights Reserved.

Alright guys so besides the 10 for $35 undies deal, I have to say, I really love Aerie, and I really love supporting them. About 4 years ago when I was a senior in college (yes, I’m aging myself here, whateves) I wrote an article about this groundbreaking body positivity campaign that Aerie was running. It was the first time I really remember being struck by the body positivity movement and I’ve found that Aerie continues to lead the pack in this space and knock it out of the park consistently by honoring every type of body and continuously growing their inclusivity in their advertising. So you can go ahead by feel good snagging a great deal, but feel even better knowing it’s coming from a company that’s working so hard to reframe our notion of beauty (for the better!).

P.S. of course had to use a picture of my girl Iskra Lawrence who is my legit idol. Sneak back through my Insta to find a picture of me and her at the POPSUGAR Playground event; I low-key cried, and she was high-key the sweetest person ever.


There you have it my friends! How are you feeling about the companies that I’m featuring? Are there any categories you would like to see me cover? Which types of stores are your favorite to see featured? As always, let me know anything and everything in the comments below!

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