New Post, Who Dis?

Hello my long-lost friends; It’s been a minute. I don’t have a grand excuse or reason as to why this blog dropped off my priority list, so let’s just keep it simple: I’m back.

 When I started this blog I was 20 years old and my biggest concern was what I was going to wear to 90s themed Senior Night (the answer is Kim Possible; yes it rocked). Obviously four and half years later, my priorities have shifted, my dreams have changed, and my life course has completely deviated from plan. See, I was always the person who needed to have a plan. The unknown was scarier than anything to me, and my plans made me feel safe and comfortable. Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard the old saying “Man plans, God laughs”. Well let me tell you God must think I’m the greatest comedian of all time.

Naturally, most of my plans, for one reason or another, never came to fruition. For a few years, this scared the living hell out of me and it wasn’t until recently that I realized that I don’t need to achieve certain things by a certain age. I don’t need to live my life for anyone but myself, and I certainly don’t need to explain that to anyone else. The unknown is still a little scary, but what once felt daunting about not knowing what was my next move, now just feels freeing. And that’s why I’m back. I started this blog during a crazy time trying to navigate my way into full-fledged adulthood, and now I’m bringing it back as I work to avoid the quarter-life crisis that has become so synonymous with being in your mid-twenties. So here we go guys, the reboot of L&L is officially here, and I for one can’t wait to dive in!




2 thoughts on “New Post, Who Dis?

  1. That’s right! Just let in unfold before you and remember life’s a marathon NOT a sprint. And at EVERY age, keep in mind that some of the best times of your life haven’t been lived yet! You are blessed – Enjoy ~

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