Steals and Deals of the Week

Do you ever have one of those weeks where all your money goes out the window and then you look back and go “Wait, what did I even buy?” Well, this was one of those weeks for me between gas, a haircut ,and of course, the pitfall that is CVS. This week I went in there to buy Claritin. That is all. I walked out $50 poorer after buying nail polish, bobby pins, a shower cap and a slew of other things that I definitely didn’t need. It’s like every time I walk into CVS I start to prepare for a beauty apocalypse and convince myself that I should stock up on that extra bottle of nail polish remover “just in case.”Anywho, since I’m working this whole weekend I’ll have a little extra spending money, but I still don’t want to spend a fortune on anything. Here’s my Steals and Deals of the Week for all my fellow broke beauties.

 Aeropostale: Jacquard Bustier Dress- $29.75

aero dress

Now, I’ve got to be honest here: I haven’t shopped at Aeropostale in a really long time. It sort of got lost in the high school transition from Abercrombie and Hollister to Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. That being said, I was pleaseantly surprised when I stumbled upon this adorable bustier dress and learned it was from Aeropostale! After finding this little number, I went on the Aeropostale website and found a number of great pieces. It seems to me that the company has updated their styles and I’m 100% on board. I’m loving the print and silhouette of this dress, and at $29.75, I might just have to get this floral romper as well..

Urban Outfitters: Sparkle & Fade Double-Slit Maxi Skirt- $19.99 

urban slit skirt

In the heat of summer it can be monotonous to wear shorts day after day after day. That’s why I’m a huge fan of maxi skirts. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also lightweight, not to mention adorable. When I first saw this skirt I loved the floral pattern and double slits, but I was afraid of pulling an Angelina Jolie on the red carpet with her leg sticking out. After some careful examination, A.K.A stalking Urban’s website, I think the airy, high-waisted fit should make this look completely scary leg proof. Gosh, what on earth would you guys do without these incredibly scientific anaylis’ of clothes?

Aerie: Emma Pushup Bikini Top:  $24.99

aerie bikini

If you follow me on Instagram (*cough cough* *wink wink*) you know that I recently bought this bikini at Aerie. Words cannot express how much I love this bathing suit. The pushup top is flattering without being over-the-top, and the bottoms have the perfect amount of coverage. Aerie is currently hosting their semi-annual sale, so pretty much everything on the site is discounted. If you’re in need of bathing suits I HIGHLY suggest stocking up now, especially since there is free shipping with any swim purchase. While you’re on the site buying up all of their swimwear, I might as well play devil’s advocate and recommend these shorts which are currently marked down to $14.99. They are beyond comfortable and the fun pattern is perfect for summer. You can check out how I styled these shorts on Instagram (*COUGH COUGH* *WINK WINK*)

Do you guys think you’ll buy any of these products? Do you know of any great deals going on right now? Let me know! Oh, and if by some crazy, off-chance something has prompted you to want to check out my Instagram, the link is on the main page!

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